Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Silly Kidneys pillow?

We want every child battling kidney disease to have a Silly Kidneys pillow of their own! To get a pillow for a kidney kid, CLICK HERE to nominate them. We'll add them to our waitlist and send them a pillow for free!

Can I purchase a Silly Kidneys pillow?

YES! And we are so glad you love our pillows!! Previously, the only way to get a Silly Kidneys pillow was by nominating your kidney kid (or any kidney kid) to receive one. In order to keep up with demand, we've added an option to skip the waitlist and buy a pillow. Click SHOP to purchase a pillow!

Can kidney kids make their own pillow?  

Once upon a time, there was. But Build-a-Kidney pillow kits (DIY kits) are no longer available. Now, all Silly Kidneys pillows are made and ready to be loved by kidney kids!

We LOVED the idea of having kidney kids make their own pillow. I mean LOVED. IT. But we just couldn't get the process quite right, and the pillows were not turning out the way they needed to. We hope to revisit this one day and make the perfect Build-a-Kidney pillow kits.

How can I send a Silly Kidneys pillow to a child battling kidney disease?

You can sponsor a child by CLICKING HERE. We are in need of sponsors and greatly appriciate your help! Sponsors make it possible for us to send Silly Kidneys pillows to kidney kids for free!

If you are looking to send a pillow to a specific child, rather than the child who is next-up on the waitlist, you can purchase a pillow (Click SHOP) and have the pillow mailed directly to the child, or to you.

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