Help Get Silly Kidney Pillows and Kits to Helen Devos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan!


We need your help!  Every year, our friend Oakley does something special to give back to the other kids in the hospital where he receives his treatment. This year, Oakley wants to give them Silly Kidney pillows!  We would like to send at least 10 Silly Kidney Pillows and Build a Silly Kidney Pillow Kits to Helen Devos Children's Hospital in his honor.

Oakley is an amazingly brave little guy! He was diagnosed at birth with a very rare disease, Prune Belly Syndrome.  PBS causes severe problems with stomach muscles, kidneys and the bladder.  Most babies with this diagnosis don't live to see their 2nd birthday.  But Oakley is a fighter.  He has endured many surgeries, painful procedures, scans and test but yet he is one of he happiest, strongest little boys you will ever meet.

Here's how you can help: