Help Get Silly Kidney Pillows and Kits to Kidney Kids in Karson's Honor!


We need your help!  Karson Taylor recently got a Silly Kidney Pillow and he loves it so much that he wants to help other kidney kids get one, too!!  Karson is quite an amazing little boy!

Sponsor a Silly Kidney Pillow Kit in Karson's Honor!


Karson has nephrotic syndrome, a chronic kidney condition that causes severe swelling, high blood pressure and fluid build up in his tummy.  After being diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, Karson fought a hard battle.  He spent a week in a coma, and then had to relearn how to walk, talk and everything, all over again.  He still at times must use a walker, when his body is just too tired to stand. 

Through it all Karson is still smiling, and still thinking of others, even shoveling neighbors walkways after a snow storm this winter.  Karson wants to see other kidney kids have Silly Kidney pillows of their own.

You can help Karson and sponsor a Silly Kidney Pillow Kit in his honor by CLICKING HERE.