Help Send Silly Kidney Pillows and Kits to The University of Vermont Children's Hospital!


We need your help!  Our friend Olivia wants to celebrate National Kidney Month this March by giving back to kidney kids like herself.  We would like to send 30 Silly Kidney Pillow Kits to The University of Vermont Children's Hospital in her honor!!

Olivia is battling multicystic chronic kidney disease.  She was born with 3 kidneys, only one of which was working.  Her only working kidney continues to develop cysts and she will eventually need a kidney transplant.  Olivia has not had an easy road but through it all, her mom shares, she "continues to smile, giggle and love on everyone she meets. During all of this, Olivia has remained a true superhero."   (Read more below about Olivia's battle with kidney disease)

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Olivia's mom, Jenn, shares her story with us:

"Olivia is a rainbow baby (born after a miscarriage). At our gender revel sonogram, they found that one of her kidneys was completely cystic and that her other looked not right. We traveled to the neighboring state weekly for sonograms and even met with her nephrologist prebirth so we’d have a “plan.” Olivia decided to come about three weeks early as an emergency c-section as I suddenly lost all my fluids. At first, she was doing fine. But then that evening, she became inconsolable and agitated....her kidney had gone into shock and we were immediately rushed again across state lines to the neighboring NICU hospital.

She spent her first week of life there as her kidney function improved and some heart issues were monitored. We were released on her first Christmas! Right after her first birthday, Olivia had surgery to remove the cystic non working kidney and to repair a bladder reflux issue. During the surgery, she was found to have a third kidney! Unfortunately it too was non working but made her a super rare case which her surgeons had never actually seen but only read about.

Since her surgery she has been diagnosed with multicystic chronic kidney disease. We are currently in stage two. She will need a transplant as her only kidney continues to develop cysts. We are under a three to four month kidney watch which requires us to travel to our neighboring state for blood draws, urine tests, and sonograms. At age five, we also discovered she has bilateral hearing loss which requires hearing aids. We are currently working with a geneticist to see if we can link the two or if they are just separate cases.

During all of this, Olivia has remained a true superhero. We have had her develop severe anxiety but with the help of therapy and an amazing OT teacher at her school, her anxiety is manageable...her blood draws used to take three hours and now we are down under five minutes! She’s truly my blessing and I am in awe of her strength, kindness, and compassion. Through everything she continues to smile, giggle and love on everyone she meets. Now as she gets older, she wants to connect to other kids like herself so we thought this kidney pilllow event would be perfect.

We’d like to pay it forward because truly we are so blessed to have the amazing team of doctors, teachers and medical staff helping Olivia continue to fight this disease."

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