About Silly Kidneys

Silly Kidneys was started as a way for 9-year-old kidney kid, Erin, to reach out to others facing a battle similar to her own.  She is very creative and came up with the idea to have kidney kids make their own pillows, in the shape of a kidney.  She has sent her kidney pillow kits to kids all over the world!

Erin started making her pillows in 2017 and now, through the generosity of sponsors, kidney kids are able to receive a pillow kits of their own for free!   

To help Erin on her mission and sponsor a Silly Kidney Pillow kit, CLICK HERE!

To nominate a kidney kid to receive a kidney pillow of their own, CLICK HERE!


What's so SILLY about kidneys?

Erin was 6 when her kidneys started acting up.  The first  2 months following her diagnosis were spent in and out of the hospital.  Her emotions were all over the place, and as many kids do, she would draw to express her feelings.  On a particularly difficult day, she drew a picture of her kidneys and wrote in big letters "stupid kidneys".  Seeing her frustration, we decided to call them silly kidneys.  Since then, we have always joked that her kidneys are silly and just don't do their job right.  Having a cute little smiley face on a kidney just seemed fitting, and silly!



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